About Nana Bampoe

My Name is Nana Bampoe, I am a contemporary Ghanaian Gospel Artist, I play three instruments [just barely] namely Guitar, Keyboards, and Drums.

I have always known that God has blessed me with creativity, this creativity has always manifested in many ways in my life, through art, graphic designing and dancing, however I never thought that music was my thing until my first year in college, I had always held the view that singing anything apart from rap was for sissies, I thought that R&B was the worst kind of singing a “man” could do, not to mention pop, worst of all choral singing, that thing absolutely put me off.

My turnaround came in my second semester of my first year in UCC, when I had my first heartbreak, my crush [first love] had just been taken out on a date by my rival right from under my nose, and I didn’t know how to handle it, my thoughts were very clouded, I was numb to almost every external stimuli, my heart was broken, so I took a walk, some time later, I don’t know how long though, I found myself near the UCC house of prayer, and the most beautiful singing cut through my cloudy thoughts, it was literally sunshine at 12 midnight, I went closer to the building and waited until the choir rehearsal was over. long story short I joined Echoes of Calvary the very next rehearsal, I have Eugene Zuta, and Daniel Appiah, to thank for that, and suffice to say I have been singing ever since.

Music to me is like painting or drawing pictures, but doing so with words, I love to tell stories, but mostly of what Jesus has done for me, and can do for other people. I am very passionate about people NOT misinterpreting my Jesus, so I love to tell stories, the RIGHT VERSIONS or the stories in my music. My music is also from God, I will say here that I am just the first person to hear the song, I am NOT its creator, and I will NOT take credit for my Songs I give ALL credit to God

Every word that Comes out of the mouth of a man will become a prophesy for him, my music is to MAKE you confess Gods point of view, or Gods words on your life… 

It is my sincere wish that every time you sing any of the Songs God gives to me, God will honor your words and he will make you what you sing.